Welcome to Quantum Biospace,
the Science Park in Belgium
dedicated to Techbio

Welcome to Quantum Biospace, the Science Park in Belgium dedicated to Techbio

We offer Life Sciences and Technology companies the ideal ecosystem to transform drug discovery, development and manufacturing using data-driven approaches

Welcome to our state-of-the-art TechBio science park, strategically located next to Brussels, the biopharmaceutical decision-making heart of Europe. Our unique location places us at the crossroads of three BioRegions: Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia.

Our science park is specially designed to cater to a wide range of needs, including R&D, manufacturing, and HQ facilities. It’s an ideal place to tap into a large local talent pool of biotech & ICT experts and STEM graduates.

Change the game for patients across the planet

Our mission is to accelerate the AI-powered paradigm shift in the biopharmaceutical industry through a combination of:


State-of-the-art REAL ESTATE facilities

A unique

A unique VENTURE BUILDER studio

A world-class

A world-class SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY community

By merging together place, talent and funding, Quantum Biospace will actively foster the growth of new TechBio companies.

01.Our mission


Biopharmaceutical R&D is becoming increasingly slower and more expensive. The power to change this paradigm lies in TechBio, at the interface where life sciences and AI meet.

TechBio is the DNA of Quantum Biospace

We believe the future of drug discovery lies in tech-enabled and AI-first biology.

The timing is right

Recent progress in Big Data in human biology, Machine Learning and High-performance Computing prepared the ground for AI-enabled groundbreaking ways of discovering, developing, and manufacturing drugs.

Quantum Biospace is on a mission

To accelerate TechBio as a disruptive transformation that is poised to enable a quantum leap in drug discovery efficiency. By allowing omics-based drug discovery, AI is making it possible for the first time to use humans as a model for humans.

02.The techbio revolution

Quantum Biospace offers 70.000 sqm of scientific facilities

  • State-of-the art HQ office spaces
  • Specialised dry labs, wet labs, chemistry labs, biosafety labs and clean rooms to facilitate research
  • Tailor-made tech and bio-manufacturing infrastructure
  • Logistics solutions in support of your commercialisation
  • Premium business amenities, refined dining establishment, boutique-style hotel, and dedicated team-building facilities

Quantum Biospace is designed to foster your innovation through interconnective design, collaborative community-services, flexible premises, and much more.


25 000



32 000


Offices & showrooms

8 000


Hotel & food

5 500


Parking places


Bike parking places


03.The park

A park that breaths sustainability

Aiming at a BREEAM green building certification

Powered by solar panels and geothermal energy to decrease carbon emissions

Provide green mobility through car and bike sharing, e-car charging stations

Stimulate an active lifestyle, 2 km of bike & walk-lanes in the park and a Golf course next door

For additional information about the facilities in our science park, please download our brochure.

Belgium is big in biopharma

Belgium is big in biopharma and punching far beyond its weight when it comes to the biopharmaceutical industry. Prominent companies such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals, GSK Vaccines, UCB, and Argenx were born here and recognize Belgium as key to their success.

Belgium is at the forefront of biotech innovation

  • Channels € 5 billion annually into research and development
  • 2nd EU country in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing with € 43 billion annual turnover
  • 10 universities featuring leading biotechnology and computer research departments
  • 2nd EU country in terms of clinical trials per capital
  • A thriving TechBio hub, supported by 42.000 biotech professionals, 120.000 ICT experts, and an annual influx of 22.000 STEM graduates.


In Wavre-Nord, Walloon Brabant, gathering > 25% of the BioTech talent pool

Universities, Research centers and Academic Hospitals

  1. UCLouvain
  2. KULeuven
  3. VUB
  4. ULB
  5. CU Saint-Luc
  6. UZ Brussels
  7. UZ Leuven
  8. HUB
  9. IMEC
  10. WELRI
  11. Trusted AI Labs

Biopharmaceutical Industry and related institutions

  1. GSK
  2. UCB
  3. IBA
  4. European Commission
  5. FAMHP
  6. Essenscia
  7. EFPIA
  8. AI4Belgium
  9. Euronext
04.The community


AI is changing the game, not only in drug discovery but also in biotech entrepreneurship. AI-native biotechs will generate an AI-powered drug development transformation.

That is the reason why we are setting up a unique and dedicated venture studio based on a mixed team of drug discovery and AI experts, an Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery engine and a seed venture capital fund.


A startup

Unlike traditional incubators or accelerators, Quantum BioVenture creates and nurtures its very own startup concepts with resident researchers and entrepreneurs.

Acting as a true start-up factory using AI from target discovery to preclinical development, Quantum BioVenture brings to the world breakthrough AI-native TechBio companies that will change the game for patients worldwide.

Our partners

About us

Quantum Biospace originates from the collaboration between:

  • BVI.EU as a pioneering Belgian industrial real estate developer
  • The city of Wavre, host of the world's largest vaccine production site

The science park aims to provide premium real estate facilities and capitalise on the synergy of local life sciences and computer science talents to actively support the upcoming TechBio industry.

Quantum BioSpace
is led by

Quantum BioSpace's leadership includes Geoffroy Dumonceau, Chief Development Officer at BVI.EU, a seasoned real estate developer and Florence Bosco, Head of Biotech Business Development at BVI.EU, a specialist in the development of Life Sciences parks and highly skilled in global biopharma innovation.

07.Our latest news

with us