BeSHG Annual Symposium 2024

Insightful Key Learnings from the BeSHG Annual Symposium at Gasthuisberg Campus, Leuven

On Friday April 12th, Florence Bosco, our Head of Biotech Business Development was lucky to attend the insightful plenary sessions including:

  • Prof. Bernard Thienpont and Prof. Thierry Voet from KULeuven, BE
  • Prof. Malte Spielmann from University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, DE
  • Prof. Lude Frank from University Medical Centre Groningen, NL

All four converging on the importance of single cell transcriptomics data for precision medicine approaches, to improve diagnostic yield of rare diseases and to link common and rare diseases using gene regulatory networks to perform target discovery through a trans-eQTLs approach.

Discover Prof. Spielmann’s and Prof. Frank’s publications :

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