Ipratech acquires Quantum Biospace's first accelerated start-up Fermscale

A new milestone in your impressive AI entrepreneurial journey Loïc Winckelmans and Lorenzo Pellizzari ! A genuine example of testing market fit, never falling in love with the product and identifying the best channel.

It was a pleasure to be your biopharma buddy ! Quantum Biospace and BVI.EU are proud of serving as a kind of springboard to Fermscale ! You are shedding light on us too and your AI expertize is something we count on in the future ! Congrats to IPRATECH and David Sergeant for leveraging AI-based bioprocess development on top of their unique platform !

Thanks Pierre-François Lovens for this nice coverage in La Libre Echo : Ipratech rachète la start-up Fermscale: "On va accélérer le développement de nouveaux médicaments" - La Libre

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